You don't need an office to ship great user experience.

ShipBit is a remote-first company rooted in Dortmund, right in the heart of the Ruhrpott area. Get to know our people and values that bring software products from the first concept idea to a final release.

A desk full of random items, like a game boy, iPhone and\n            notebook
ShipBit CEO Timo Korinth and his son on his lap smiling to a\n            computer in the background

Who we are

We love to bring products to life. Our team consists of experts in design, frontend & backend development, marketing, testing and coaching and we pay special attention to communication skills for all our people.

How we work

We believe in user-centric design thinking and value user benefits over strict processes. We sure know how to close tickets but we constantly challenge the development process to be more lean and goal-oriented.

Our vision

Our daily motivation is to see our software products in the hands of real users. Nothing is more important than user feedback, even very early in development. Our goal is to get a minimal viable product (MVP) out as soon as possible.

Our team

Are you a geek like us and want to see your face on this page? Great, get in contact with us!

Timo Korinth

Timo Korinth Founder & CEO

Timo is an Angular enthusiast, professional coach and conference speaker.

He is also a proud father of two and can apparently live without sleeping. His heart beats for the local soccer team Borussia Dortmund.

Currently working with:

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • CSS
  • Unity
  • Oculus
  • Cordova
Simon Hopstätter

Simon Hopstätter CTO

Simon is experienced in several frontend and web development frameworks, spare-time DevOps apprentice and hobbyist hacker.

Besides that, he likes to spend time with his daughter and roots for his home soccer team Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Currently working with:

  • TypeScript
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • Angular
  • React
  • Svelte
  • Web Components