Join us on our mission to ship amazing products.

We are always looking for tech-savy and self-organized developers.

ShipBit CEO Timo Korinth in a studio recording a video tutorial

What we offer

ShipBit is a place for frontend fanatics, full stack and game developers, UX designers and everyone in between. We strongly believe in self-motivation as the main driver, so we're always looking for projects and topics that make us happy.
Apart from that, we offer:

  • Time & support to learn new stuff
  • Home Office as we believe in a remote-first culture
  • Variable working hours
  • Working with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Take part in shaping ShipBit
  • 😉Good salary
CEO Timo Korinth wearing VR googles

Who you are

You are a tech-savy and self-organized development enthusiast. People trust you to solve the tough problems in the project and seek for your export opinion all the time. You are not interested in building an island of knowlege but rather like to share your experience with others. You realize when processes get in the way of shipping great products and constantly try to break old habits.

CEO Timo Korinth wearing VR googles
A keyboard, Oculus controllers and other tech gear placed on a\n            wooden desk

What you do

You are a quick learner and motivated to try out new tools and technologies. It's not always about what you know best already but rather what your current project requires to ensure a great user experience and fast development iterations. You know that you can trust your instincts because you are already familiar with:

  • Angular, React, Vue, Svelte etc.
  • Styling with (S)CSS, CSS-in-JS et al.
  • Native & Cross-Platform App Development
  • Testing with Jest, Cypress and others
  • Cloud services & infrastructure
  • Rebasing doesn't scare you
  • 🥉GitHub, Gitlab & Open Source
  • 🥈 Docker & CI/CD ops interest you
  • 🥇 Unity & Oculus experience

Sounds good?

Don't worry about a formal cover letter or quoting our motto. Just get in contact with us now and we'll get back to you quickly!